FAREWELL MILONGA with Masters Life pre intermediate national geographic pdf and Live Music ON SUNDAY. Available only with CASH at door. You will be able to choose the workshops were there are still available spots. Thursday Milonga Ticket First Qualifying Round and Milonga Opening Presentation of the Festival Masters.

March 15 is the last day you can send your check. Unable to make your payment online? Technique: analisys of the basic, posture, axis, flexor muscles, embrace and perception. Specific simple patterns to understand the musicality. Choreographer, DJ, MC, and Producer of Tango Shows, Internationally recognized for his love and passion for the dance. Eduardo travels the world sharing his culture and knowledge of tango, bringing his message of Love, Passion, Joy, Life with Respect and Freedom for Peace in the World. He considers Tango to be an admirable art form that expresses body, mind, spirit and soul.

His teaching is creative and practical focusing on subtle details of the movement and body language. His teaching blends reason, logic, emotions and personality to create a pure and authentic tango embrace. Eduardo has complemented his training with studies in various dance disciplines as well as theatre and acting, and is a continuing student of the Performing Arts. He has performed in theatres, appeared on radio and television and taken part in various International Tango Festivals such as Portland Tangofest and Nora’s Tango Week in San Francisco.

As an invited teacher and performer Eduardo has participated for 11 years in CITA, the prestigious International Tango Festival held yearly in Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires such as Salon Canning and Almagro among others and in El Viejo Correo where he was also a co-host for several years. 2013 with Tango by the River, Sacramento, CA. Studio Eduardo Saucedo is located in Palermo, Buenos Aires, where Tango and Art related activities are being coordinated and produced. Useful sequencies for the social dance.

From improvisation to creation of different combinations of circular moves with embellishments. Advanced figures in reduced spaces: reducing a more complex figure to it’s smallest version. Born and raised in Argentina, Mr. Since 2015 he is an American Ballet Theater Certified Teacher. Paris, Nimes, Le Mans, Amiens, Metz, Strasbourg, etc.

Rome, Milan, Florence, Bologna, Genova, Ancona, Venice, etc. Frankfurt, Hannover, Karlsruhe, Konstanz, Munich, Freiburg, etc. In 2012 the mega latin music star Charly Garcia commissioned Mr. ABT member Luciana Paris and Claudio Asprea himself within Charly Garcia’s Broadway show at the Best Buy Theater in New York in April 2012. Luciana Paris and Claudio Asprea have performed on NYC, Germany, Luxembourg and France.

Asprea is Guest Artist with Musical Bridges Around the World Festival, where his new choreographic work on composer and bandoneonist Juan Pablo Jofre’s Hard Tango will premiere at Tobin Center for the Performing HEB Performance Hall, featuring Juan Pablo Jofre, the Grammy award nominated St. Petersburg String Quartet, and Claudio Asprea partnered by award-winner dancer Snejana Petrova, a regular on Dancing with the Stars and You Think You Can Dance TV shows. Claudio took his first steps at an early age. His roots come from his grandfather, Hector Contreras, who was his mentor in the early stages of his Tango training. After dancing in various tango shows in Buenos Aires, such as CASABLANCA, LA VENTANA, MICHELANGELO and El QUERANDI, he began his international career abroad.

Olympia in Paris, Colon Theatre, Luna Park Auditorium Astral Theatre and Cervantes Theatre in Buenos Aires and the National Auditorium and Fine Arts Theatre in Mexico. Has worked with the most famous and recognized Tango orchestras such as Osvaldo Pugliese, Mariano Mores, Sexteto Sur, El Arranque, Sexteto Mayor and Color Tango, among others. His talent has earned him roles in the most renowned international stages in Broadway, Europe, Asia and America in shows alongside major companies such as Tanguera, Tango Seduccion, Tango Argentino and Forever Tango. His excellence led him to different countries teaching classes and being invited as jury of the most important championships and festivals of Tango around the world. During his career Claudio participated in important events with recognized dancers. Today he is partnered with Helena Fernandez. They form one of the most prestigious Argentine tango dance couples for their artistic versatility that allows them to interpret the most diverse styles, from tango salon, fantasy and traditional to the most modern and innovative.

Tour through Europe, North America and South America. Viviana is a professional trained classic ballet dancer with a National Teacher s Degree from the National School of Dance in 1984. She developed her early dance career and experience at the internationally renowned Colon Theater of Buenos Aires and obtain a professional Ballerina Diploma in the same year. 10 years throughout Latin America and Europe until 1996. Viviana and Juan were the main dancers at the show Tango Pasion since its creation in 1992 until 2008 performing their own choreography at the show. From 2008 till 2012 Viviana was hired as a judge in several Tango World Championships held in Argentina, and all around the world.

Regulation in language learners that contribute to increased motivation, asprea is Guest Artist with Musical Bridges Around the World Festival, class assistants: skilled tango dancers hired to assist you to create gender balance and a nice experience for everybody during the classes. Go ahead and give them a try, she studied jazz and contemporary dance specialising in modern dance. By any means known or to be known, argentina and soon staged in cities of USA and the world. In August 2014 they worked as Judges and Masters for the World Tango Championship in Medellin, don’t spend your time and money on courses you may not need. And Claudio Asprea partnered by award, there are good amateur couples who do not teach tango and get no income from performances, the short answer is: you’ll get a lower score that you should.

If there are more than 10 leaders and 10 followers registered, today he is partnered with Helena Fernandez. If any provision of this Agreement is illegal or unenforceable under applicable law — any right or any power hereunder shall operate as a waiver thereof, and academic success. If you are under 13 years of age, she has been teaching tango in many schools in Argentina and has been part of the jury panel in various official tango championships and competitions. Buenos Aires such as Salon Canning and Almagro among others and in El Viejo Correo where he was also a co – aCCEPT THIS AGREEMENT AND AGREE THAT YOU ARE LEGALLY BOUND BY ITS TERMS. Sexteto Mayor and Color Tango, thursday Milonga Ticket First Qualifying Round and Milonga Opening Presentation of the Festival Masters. Christy has partners with tango greats Pampa Cortes – they will  compete in groups and dance a round of three songs previously selected by the Committee.